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Leveraging the Full Potential of Water

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our hydropower offering is being refined and very much focused on creating solutions to leverage the full potential of water. We are working with clients and partners to develop opportunities for profitable and environmentally-friendly hydropower.

The BETA Group has contributed to projects that optimized water supply to reservoirs and developed more energy-efficient power station turbines. As well as the construction of high voltage lines powered by hydro energy resources.

The BETA Guarantee

Water Potential

Our openness to exploring the vast opportunities of hydro energy solutions will benefit all clients and partners long term.

Clear Contributions

The experience yielded from past contributions and support for prestigious projects is available whenever consulted.

Technical Understanding

The complexities and technical know-how to maximize hydro energy resources are understood with every agreed project.

"Our region faces a serious challenge: more energy, less carbon dioxide. We believe the transition to renewable energy will drive progress and opportunities for businesses and communities and protect the future of our planet."

Janine Jadnanansing, Commercial Director BETA Group
Afobaka Dam - Suriname

Limitless Hydro-Electric Possibility

The BETA Group founder Rudi Jadnanansing has been involved with hydroelectric research and possibility since the early 1980s. Mr Jadnanansing worked on the Jaikreekproject which involved a purpose-built dam in the water abundant district of Suriname.

Supporting the US-based company project with analysis on how to increase water supply to the reservoir for optimal usage of the power station turbines. The activities also included supervising the team responsible for the construction of a 161 kV high voltage line from Paranam to Paramaribo that had to be powered with hydro energy.

The BETA Group seeks to expand this specific knowledge into leading hydroelectric possibilities for clients across the Caribbean.

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