BETA Group


Contracted Staffing Resources

We support clients and partners with experienced, fully qualified, certified technicians, available for temporary or project-based assignments. Cost-effective, experienced, high-quality contracted workers ready to support oil & gas based project goals.

All completed work is in line with the latest ISO safety standards and energy compliance regulations. Our unrivalled team of certified technicians have been supporting reputable brands for over 30 years.

The BETA Guarantee

Flexible Availability

Our planning officers maintain workload levels and ensure that staffing resources are always available in line with contractual agreements.

Skilled Expertise

All contracting service staff are fully trained, certified and equipped to handle specialized equipment to complete assigned projects.

Extensive Capabilities

Our contract workforce are skilled technicians to execute quality work in the most hazardous conditions.

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Sourcing The Best Manpower Solutions

With over 30 years of sourcing skilled electrical specialty expertise, we have become a leading provider of contracted manpower. We have been a preferred supplier of Staatsolie Suriname for staffing resources.

Clients use the BETA Group contracting services because they know that the manpower resources we source are:

  • ISO Certified
  • Specialized Equipment Trained
  • Effective Communications
  • Safety First Protocols
  • Fully Insured

Ready to find out how BETA can support your energy project vision?