BETA Group

Mobility - EV Charging

Improving the Electric Vehicle Structure

Driving Towards a Better Tomorrow

We are leading the way to a better, more environmentally sustainable energy future. The BETA Group is at the forefront of electric vehicle infrastructure in Suriname and has ambitious plans to support the clean energy goals of Caribbean industries and countries.

Our in-house technicians are trained in the latest sustainable technologies to deliver efficient EV charging projects. We are committed to accelerating EV adoption in the Caribbean and see the huge potential for renewable energy resources in the region.

First zero-emission electric vehicle in Suriname

The BETA Guarantee

EV Innovation

Fulfilling client visions for a cleaner energy future with EV innovations and technological developments.

Technical Expertise

Access to world-class, fully trained EV workers certified to complete projects to precise technical specifications.

Strategic Commitment

Strategic partner firmly committed to accelerating the adoption and availability of cleaner, sustainable energy solutions.

"BETA Group was the first company in Suriname to have an electrical car. This underlined our commitment for a future with more sustainable energy."

Vinoj Jadnanansing, CEO BETA Group

A BETA Fuelled Future For Everyone

The BETA Group has been driving the way to a better tomorrow will a focus on creating viable energy diversification since the early 2000s. We imported the first zero-emission electric vehicle in Suriname and commissioned the entire infrastructure ourselves with the help of our in-house technicians.

We are committed to advancing energy diversification and access to renewable, sustainable energy solutions. Our goal is to support projects that lead to a cleaner, lower-carbon future. With EV driving charged with 100% solar power.

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