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Social Corporate Responsibility

Creating Positive Change

People are the priority

Since 1987, the BETA Group has treated every employee, client and stakeholder connected to the organization and energy operations as part of our extended family. We strive to enhance the personal, social and economic factors critical to communities in the Caribbean.

Our work means more. We engage with projects with purpose, benefiting the lives of real people. Valuing our employees and local communities comes first. People are the priority for us, not profit.

Our focus on creating positive change for future generations through resilient industries and world-class energy solutions is part of the BETA Group’s success and longevity.

BETA Group - kantoor

Our Ethical Responsibilities

Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace all facets of diversity by offering equal opportunities to all individuals based on merit and inclusion factors.


We strive to lead the way to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable energy future for this and future generations.

Economic Equality

We engage in business projects that benefit communities economically, transforming poverty into prosperity.

Honouring Diversity & Inclusion

As an independently owned enterprise, we consider all employees as part of the family. 
From the board members and management team to our contractors and support specialists, all are treated with the same level of respect, dignity and access to opportunity.

BETA Group - Guptar

The Story of Guptar

Guptar’s story is one of many great examples of our conscious efforts to enhance the local communities we engage with. Guptar is uneducated and lives in a poverty-stricken part of Suriname. Suddenly becoming unemployed when the banana plantation he worked for went bankrupt put a strain on his life and may have led to social problems and substance abuse.

This changed when he saw our workers servicing a power line in his district and asked if there was any work available.

His profile didn’t match the business requirements initially due to his zero electrical experience and technical skills. However, he was very motivated and our emphasis on inclusion means we focus on what someone CAN do and not what they can’t. We welcomed Guptar as a full-time cook for the workers that go out into the field for an extended period.

He prepares delicious meals and delivers them 3 times a day to the infield workers. His responsibilities extend to cleaning, maintenance and food service. Making Guptar feel comfortable and appreciated as a valuable team member of the BETA Group keeps him on the right track and has made a big difference to him and his family on all levels.

Embracing Economic Equality

As a family enterprise, we value people over profit. Our business operations and projects are aligned to making an economic difference to all people from employees to local communities.

BETA Group employees
Janine Jadnanansing moderates at SEOGS 2021

Woman Advance Discussion at SEOGS 2021

BETA Group’s Commercial Director Janine Jadnanansing is an equal opportunity advocate. She recently spoke at the Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas Summit in June 2021 on equal gender opportunity in the energy sector. Backed by her father, founder Rudi Jadnanansing, Janine has been empowering the change of gender-based roles and driving the key conversations for economic equality.

Her speech at SEOGS 2021 raised further awareness about the need for energy sectors to embrace creative, business-minded women into the higher levels of leading organizations. Giving women equal opportunities is pivotal at a time of advanced innovation. It’s clear that if countries and organizations plan on reaching their clean energy goals a balanced approach that includes perspectives from all genders is needed.

Woman advance is a critical campaign that BETA Group believes in. It’s through shifts in perceptions and processes that a sustainable energy future will be made possible.