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Exceeding Expectations

Supporting Energy Transformation

For over 35 years the BETA Group has provided leading electrical specialty services to the major industry sectors in Suriname, Guyana and the Caribbean Region. As a family enterprise, we are fully aligned to supporting all clients and partners in achieving their transformational energy goals.

We have been the preferred supplier for reputable companies across the oil, mining, construction, energy & utility sectors since 1987. Recognized for our technical capabilities, flexible resource management and reliable quality service.

Clients & Partners Always Experience The Best From Us


We deliver projects aligned to the highest standards of quality and service.


We operate in line with internationally recognized safety accreditations (ISO:9001)


We commit to delivering 99.9% of all agreed projects within time and budget.


We only assign highly trained staff capable of working to the necessary performance levels.

Certified & Trustworthy

We are fully certified to work in line with ISO standards, independently verified by audits.

Specialized Equipment

We can deploy specialized equipment and resources to work in challenging environments.


“The BETA Group is the ideal partner when it comes to high quality construction and on-time delivery of overhead power networks. From the very beginning, they supported each part of the process from design to installation. We will definitely be working with them again!”

R. Mathoera

Project Manager at Intervast Real Estate

BETA GROUP - Best partner for high quality construction

Trusted Family Enterprise


The BETA Group has been independently owned and family-run since 1987. The Jadnanansing family operate the company with a strategic focus on supporting all stakeholders, from clients to employees as well as positively impacting local communities across the Caribbean.

Being an independent family business offers many advantages:

Credibility & Trust

By respecting and valuing all, we build credible long term business relationships based on genuine trust and mutually beneficial opportunities.

Deep Expertise

Our extensive understanding of the business and sector knowledge from several generations is used as a source of competitive advantage.

Agile Structure

Having a lean-agile structure makes it easier to implement business decisions and stay ahead of any changes in the innovative business environment.

Long-Term Focus

Our family members are set on a longer-term horizon and therefore make decisions in line with the greatest long term benefit for all involved.

Ethical Standards

Family ethics naturally flow into all decisions and operations, ensuring a fair, stable and supportive environment for all stakeholders is encouraged.

Purpose Driven

Our emphasis on the long term with empathy for making a difference to communities and industries means we are driven by people, not profit.

"Business success requires trust and honesty. Being family-run, we cannot operate without trust. Our 35+ years in business delivering energy solutions is testimony to the confidence clients and partners put in our trustworthy service."

Vinoj Jadnanansing, CEO BETA Group

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