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Staying Ahead in Energy Solutions

BETA Group - Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the overall daily management and supervision of the company.

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The BETA Group is a leading, purpose-driven energy solution provider, delivering full-service construction and specialty contractor services to a wide range of sectors.

Since 1987, our family enterprise has supported major industries and communities across the Caribbean with conventional and renewable energy solutions. Our 100 highly trained, certified employees are experienced in completing power distribution projects. There are thousands of businesses and households being powered by BETA Group power lines and substations.

Innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of all company operations. With 35+ years of operating, we are strategically aligned to providing the highest standards of client experiences and expertise in energy diversification. Leading the way to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly energy future.

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Delivering Engineering Solutions

The BETA Group has built a reputation for providing reliable, secure electrically efficient specialty services.

 Since operations began in 1987, we have supported many industries including:


Oil & Gas



Power & Utility


Offshore Energy

Marine & Wind Turbine

Solar Energy - Suriname

Our focus

We are focused on creating a sustainable future for the Caribbean with energy solutions that have a lasting positive impact on all people and the planet. 

We believe cleaner, lower-carbon, energyefficient solutions will generate far-reaching economic and societal benefits.

 Our expertise and specialist solutions are providing future generations with the means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental and socially responsible ways.

What we value

The long-term success of the BETA Group has been ensured by our values rather than value. 

We value people over profit and feel a strong responsibility to provide economic opportunity to the community. 

As a family-owned enterprise, our reputation for being a credible, trustworthy provider of specialty electrical services is very important to us. Every day our values guide all of our business decisions, operations and ethical contributions.


 We support, encourage and promote people based on merit, equal opportunity
and inclusion.

Attention to Detail

We ensure the highest standards of service and project delivery based on meticulous attention to quality.


We continue to expand our services and expertise to match the technical and transition goals for sustainable energy.


We foster long term mutual stakeholder relationships based on trust, honesty and complete transparency


We commit to delivering every project on time and within the requirements originally agreed upon.

"Since our foundation in 1987, the BETA Group has treated every employee, client and stakeholder connected to the organization and energy operations as part of our extended family. We strive to enhance the personal, social and economic factors critical to communities in the Caribbean."

Vinoj Jadnanansing, CEO BETA Group

Our Social Promise

The BETA Group is driven by a high-level vision to create more energy, less carbon dioxide and eradicate poverty through the electrical projects we support. Our values embed this vision into the company strategy and daily operations to ensure all business decisions are aligned to making a real difference for all stakeholders.

 Learn more about how we are using the company and its values as a vehicle to create change and contribute to a better world.